What-if? The MPAA wanted sex scenes cut from the original Don't Worry Darling trailer, said Olivia Wilde.

The Booksmart director, 38, told AP on August 31 that a lot was cut from the trailer.

"The MPA slammed me and the trailer, so I cut some shots. They escalated, which upset me.

The House alum thinks some cuts are due to "female pleasure" on screen.

"The lack of eroticism in American film is new," said The New Yorker.

"We don't see much female pleasure unless we're talking about queer cinema.

It's interesting that in many queer films, female characters can have more fun.

In the May trailer, Harry Styles' character performs oral sex on Florence Pugh.

"We don't do it for sex scenes or to watch the world's most famous man beat someone.

It's not why I'm in the industry, she told Harper's Bazaar for its September cover.

"That's the nature of hiring the world's most famous pop star.

I won't discuss this movie because it's better. Bigger, better creators.”