What Happened in the Season 3 Finale of "Never Have I Ever?" Is Paxton Gone?

What Happened in the Season 3 Finale of "Never Have I Ever?" Is Paxton Gone?

Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher's Never Have I Ever is back for Season 3 on Netflix.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan plays Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American teen grieving the death of her father.

Never Have I Ever will end with a fourth and final season in 2022.

Season 3's ending raised worries about Paxton Hall-status Yoshida's for Season 4.

As the season came to a conclusion, we saw Devi waver over a key life choice.

Her school's headmaster informed her Shrubland is a one-year programme for academically bright seniors.

Devi told her pals she wanted to finish high school with them.

She worried that attending the other school would improve her chances of entering college virgin.

After the year above Devi's high school graduation, she bid farewell to Ben Gross, her ex-boyfriend, and Paxton.

After Season 3, Paxton was given a position at Arizona State University and opted to go there.

Paxton and Devi say goodbye in the corridor after Paxton's graduation speech, in which he thanked Devi for helping him study.

Before their departure moment, there were clues that they may have reconciled.

Fans may wonder whether Paxton's move to Arizona and the end of his relationship with Devi imply he's leaving the programme.

Trent told Eleanor in the Season 3 finale that he failed his senior year and must repeat it.