Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker skipped tonight's MTV VMAs after their May wedding.

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Barker is nominated with Willow and Avril Lavigne for "G R O W."

Barker and Kardashian elected not to attend the celebration given his one nomination.

Kardashian shared photos from Barker's tour with Machine Gun Kelly.

Her final Instagram post featured images of her and Barker in Indiana.

On August 24, they were captured in a snapshot in Los Angeles:

Barker's comeback followed his hospitalisation for severe pancreatitis in late June.

Barker stated on Instagram after his release, "I had an endoscopy Monday feeling wonderful.

I was hospitalised after dinner with tremendous agony.

During the endoscopy, a tiny polyp was removed from a sensitive location, damaging a pancreatic drainage tube.

Life-threatening pancreatitis resulted. Thanks to intense treatment, I'm lot better.”

Kardashian wrote on Instagram, "What a scary and emotional week.

She said, "I'm grateful to God for healing my husband, for your prayers, and for your love and support."