This is why some Americans don't want Brittney Griner to return from Russia.

This is why some Americans don't want Brittney Griner to return from Russia.

The WNBA's Brittney Griner was just given a nine-year jail term in Russia.

The US believes she's being imprisoned illegally and wants her released.

Two possibilities might explain why some Americans don't want Griner back.

Customs inspectors at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport allegedly found hashish oil vape cartridges in her luggage.

Early in August, she was convicted of cocaine smuggling and sentenced to nine years in jail.

Many feel Griner is Russia's negotiating tool in its confrontation with the U.S.

Despite "clear indication that the US doesn't feel she has a case,"

Dani Gilbert told Insider that "how someone became needy determines whether the public feels they should get help."

Gilbert explained using poverty. Those who feel impoverished people are "unlucky" favour aid programmes.

Her study at UC San Diego reveals that the same principle applies to hostages and wrongly held people.

"The public's focus on drug possession and smuggling may make them less interested in this issue," Gilbert said.

Gilbert said that Griner's personal traits might affect public opinion.

Gilbert told Insider that this phenomenon is accurately named "the missing white lady syndrome."

Grinner earlier said, "I don't think we should perform the National Anthem." We should adopt that stance.

Some call Griner unpatriotic. Gilbert noticed Facebook comments saying, "If you hate the US so much, how does it feel now?"