Taylor Swift sang "would you run away with me" last night and showed what A-list couples go through at events.

when she and Joe Alwyn were videotaped holding hands and running from the Fleur Room to their car.

Us Weekly said Swift wore a Moschino playsuit and silver platform heels to Republic Records' VMAs afterparty.

Given the height of the shoe, Swift's quick movement is all the more astounding.

Swift was not accompanied by Alwyn at the actual MTV VMAs ceremony in Newark, New Jersey.

The duo has never attended a music award presentation together, so it's not surprising.

Only at the 2020 Golden Globes did they walk the red carpet together.

Alwyn and Swift sat together during the show, a rare occurrence in their six-year relationship.

Alwyn told ELLE UK in April that the couple's relation secrecy was due to another situation.

We live in an intrusive culture. The more you give—or even if you don't—something will be stolen.

“Because we opted to remain private and not feed that side of things, intrusiveness should decrease,” he said.