SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft leaves and returns to Earth

SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft leaves and returns to Earth

SpaceX-25 Dragon returned 4,000 pounds of experiments to Earth.

SpaceX Dragon returned to Earth with lots of science gear from the ISS on Aug. 20.

The uncrewed Dragon space capsule splashed down off Florida at 2:53 p.m. EDT (1953 GMT) after a month in space.

SpaceX tweeted today, "Dragon splashdown verified, completing 25th cargo resupply mission to ISS."

After SpaceX's recovery team retrieves Dragon, the spacecraft's science will be flown to NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Dragon's SpaceX-25 flight launched from KSC on July 14 and arrived two days later.

It brought 2,630 kilos of science experiments, personnel supplies, and miscellaneous cargo.

The Dragon spacecraft undocked from the space station on Friday and will return to Earth on Saturday.

This cargo included the results of many experiments on the station.

NASA has contracted SpaceX to send uncrewed Cargo Dragon capsules to and from the ISS.

SpaceX is one of two U.S. companies resupplying the station (Northrop Grumman is the other with the Cygnus spacecraft)

NASA will use Sierra Nevada Space Systems' Dream Chaser spacecraft.

Russia's robotic Progress spacecraft regularly delivers goods, while the ESA and Japan have flown their own.

The Expedition 67 crew, seven astronauts, is currently residing on board the space station.