Nuclear plant damage during the Ukraine war would be suicide

Nuclear plant damage during the Ukraine war would be suicide

António Guterres is "gravely concerned" about fighting near Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

During a summit in Lviv with the Ukrainian and Turkish presidents, he said this.

Mr. Guterres cautioned that any potential harm to Zaporizhzhia would be suicide.

It was their first meeting since April, when Kyiv was hit by missiles.

Erdogan told reporters he feared "another Chernobyl" incident at the plant.

Kyiv and Moscow blame one other for artillery attacks near the March-seized factory.

Zelensky criticised "deliberate" Russian strikes on the power facility before Thursday's meeting.

All three leaders have urged Moscow to demilitarise the zone as quickly as possible.

Local reports in Russian-occupied Crimea reported massive explosions near Belbek military airport.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian-installed governor of Sevastopol, denied injuries and damage.

Ukrainian workers in Russian-controlled industries warned of a nuclear catastrophe, citing "continual military attacks."

Centre for Information Security: Ukrainian intelligence officers worry Russia is planning a provocation.

Zelensky said "the world is on the brink of nuclear calamity" and criticised Russia's irresponsibility and nuclear blackmail.

According to sources, Erdogan would offer to set up a meeting between Zelensky and Putin.

Mr Zelensky was "extremely astonished" when Mr Erdogan said Moscow was "ready for peace."