More advertisements could be coming to your iPhone in the near future.

More advertisements could be coming to your iPhone in the near future.

Maps, Books, and Podcasts could get advertisements on iPhones and other Apple devices.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said Apple tested Maps search ads that recommend restaurants, stores, and other businesses.

Creators can pay to boost their product's ranking in Apple's Software Store.

As Gurman remarked, businesses may pay to appear at the top of Maps search results when consumers type certain terms.

Gurman thinks Apple might add advertisements to Podcasts and Books.

This might let publishers add advertising in apps or pay to boost their search rankings. Maps, Podcasts, and Books are ad-free.

Gurman expects Apple to expand App Store advertising to the Today page and app download sites.

Ads on app pages will be marked in blue in the "You May Also Like" section.

Gurman said Apple TV Plus may provide an ad-supported option like Netflix and Disney Plus this year.

ATT gives users the opportunity to disable targeted ad tracking.

It may have helped Apple's advertising sector by forcing businesses to rethink their strategy.

Apple's advertising business rose 238 percent to $3.7 billion in 2021, according to Omdia.

Apple may expand its advertising business by adding more ads to the App Store, Maps, Podcasts, and Books.

Insider revealed in May that Apple SVP of services Eddy Cue plans to focus on streaming and advertising.