Meghan Markle is speaking out about why she quit her job as a U.K. working royal.

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The royal family isn't happy about her public disclosures, a source told Entertainment Tonight.

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She mentioned how she had to keep conducting events after her son's nursery caught fire.

The royal family has "lost trust" in Prince Harry and his South Africa tour.

In the U.K., The Firm has a "never complain, never explain" policy.

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They are upset that she continues to broadcast family affairs after expressing a need for solitude.

Meghan told The Cut she didn't sign anything prohibiting her from talking about being a duchess.

She said she hasn't talked about her incident because she's "still recuperating."

After leaving her royal family role in 2020, British tabloids still write about Meghan.

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Even when Meghan's mental health was wrecked by the press, the royal family has never spoken out.

Meghan closed her The Cut interview by suggesting she's done the royals a favour by not speaking more.

"Forgiveness is crucial." “Not forgiving takes more energy,” she remarked.

Forgiveness is hard. I've worked hard, knowing I can say anything.”