Jon Gruden allegedly sent "derogatory emails" as Raiders coach.

Jon Gruden allegedly sent "derogatory emails" as Raiders coach.

This week, a new development emerged in Jon Gruden's case against the NFL and Roger Goodell.

Gruden claims the NFL and its commissioner leaked inappropriate emails he sent between 2010 and 2018.

In the past, before his time as head coach of the Raiders, which eventually led to his resignation

According to a league filing, Gruden also sent inappropriate emails while with the Raiders.

The Washington Post reports that Gruden sent insulting emails after joining the Raiders in 2018.

"All of Gruden's behaviour outlined by the NFL Parties occurred before the Agreement," league counsel said.

"The NFL Parties contest and refute Gruden's claim about the date of his emails.

Discovery will demonstrate that Gruden continued to send nasty emails after his Raiders start date.

Hosmer-Henner said the NFL didn't make false assertions in motions they lost and won't if they appeal.

Their counsel admitted at the hearing that the emails were sent before Gruden joined the Raiders.

The NFL didn't find Jon Gruden. The NFL and Goodell are saving face by criticising Gruden.

NFL denies leaks. In May, the league asked for dismissal and arbitration. Judge Nancy Allf denied Gruden's request.