The team kept Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster despite decreasing his salary-cap figure.

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The 49ers have $21 million in cap space, according Over The Cap. It was $3 million on Monday.

The agreement apparently began last week, but NFL insider Adam Schefter revealed the details.

San Francisco traded Garoppolo all offseason. It flopped. The 49ers aren't solely responsible.

Second-year quarterback Trey Lance, last year's No. 3 pick, started for the Niners.

Garoppolo and the 49ers appeared headed for a divorce.

They praised the 22-year-old quarterback while signalling the 30-year-departure. 

Now that Garoppolo has decided to stay, he will act as his former protege's backup. 

San Francisco might have released Garoppolo as a business choice.

Garoppolo might have signed with the Seahawks and faced the Patriots twice this season.

Bay Area reporter disagrees. He thinks keeping Garoppolo says something about Lance.