Jane Fonda has non-Lymphoma, Hodgkin's a white blood cell cancer, and has begun chemotherapy.

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"Cancer is treatable. 80% survive, so I'm lucky "Fonda, 84, said on Instagram,

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"I've had 6 months of chemo and am doing well."

Non-Lymphoma Hodgkin's affects the immune system's lymph system, cancer.org says.

Fonda: "Cancer is a teacher and I'm learning from it."

"I've learned the value of community. Of building community so we're not alone.

Cancer and my age — almost 85 — teach me to adapt to new realities.

Fonda had a breast tumour removed in 2010 and a lip cancer removed four years ago.

On my days off, I visit my dermatologist and have things removed.

In a Sept. 2 post, she said her health issues won't "interfere with my climate activism"

"I'm insured and can see top doctors," she wrote. Privilege hurts.

Almost every American family has dealt with cancer, but many don't have my care.

Fonda: "We also need to talk more about causes so we can eliminate them.