James Caan, a cinematic tough guy and skilled filmmaker, has passed away at the age of 82.

James Edmund Caan, son of German-Jewish immigrants, grew up in the Bronx and played sailors, football players, and criminals. He was a popular performer.

According to his Twitter, he died on July 6. There were no details.

Caan's most notable roles were Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and a dying football player in Brian's Song (for which he was nominated for Oscar and Emmy awards, respectively).

Kathy Bates held him imprisoned in Misery. In Gardens of Stone, he played a Vietnam vet guarding the Unknown Soldier's tomb.

He portrayed an anti-type role in Elf as the father of the main character and a failed children's book publisher.

Caan invaded Hollywood after theater and film. El Dorado, Countdown, and The Godfather are among his credits (The Rain People).

Caan had many marriages and divorces, argued with coworkers on the set, and was open about his struggles with alcoholism and despair.

Misery ultimately led to change. The 1990 film mostly showed the ex-athlete in bed.

Caan played grandparents, colonels, and himself in Family Guy and The Simpsons.