How to quickly update your Pixel to Android 13

How to quickly update your Pixel to Android 13

Google began handing out Android 13 to Pixel devices on August 15, 2022.

Even if you have a Pixel 4 or newer, you may not notice the update immediately.

Sideloading rapidly doesn't require Android's development tools, a Mac or PC, and a USB cord.

If you're tired of seeing the software update screen declare there's nothing new, try this trick.

Enroll in Google's Android Beta programme to test the latest software this summer.

Enrolling today won't get you a beta build of Android 13 as it's final. It's Google's latest Android version.

Log on to the Android Beta programme website on any device with a browser (including your phone).

"See eligible devices" is a top button. Tap it, and the page should scroll to your Pixel phone.

Go to your phone's settings app, scroll down to System, hit it, and then tap System Update.

After installing the update, press "Opt out" on your smartphone to unenroll from Android Beta.

Google warns that leaving the beta programme will wipe your phone's data and put it on a stable build.

You've bypassed Google's arbitrary queue and are now running Android 13.

This only functions up until Google releases a fresh beta build, which is anticipated to happen in September.

Leaving the beta programme after installing that build will wipe and return your phone to Android 13 stable.