Lizzo might have responded to body-shaming criticisms, but she rejoiced instead.

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The singer hailed "huge bitches winning" and invoked Beyoncé's "Formation" while accepting an MTV VMA tonight.

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The singer praised "big bitches winning" and Beyoncé's "Formation"  MTV VMA tonight.

Aries Spears criticised Lizzo's appearance, comparing her to an emoji and "mashed potatoes."

The "About Damn Time" singer struggled to ignore body-shaming comments in an August interview.

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She wrote, "Crying myself to sleep was so great last night I'll do it again tonight."

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After receiving tonight's Video For Good award and walking the red carpet, the singer dismissed harsh comments.

"Aries, what's good?" she asked the press bitches. It referenced Nicki Minaj's VMAs statement.

Minaj asked Miley Cyrus, "What's up, you had a lot to say about me in the press?"

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No more name-dropping. Lizzo said, "I won't say anything."

Why doesn't Lizzo clap back? Why not respond? "Because yeah, I'm winning." Indeed

Multiple viral hits, a thriving shapewear brand, a happy reality series, and loyal fans.

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Lizzo's optimism and self-love outweigh any naysayers.