Dog-sized dinosaur found with armour and tiny arms

Dog-sized dinosaur found with armour and tiny arms

Palaeontologists found dinosaur bones that may have belonged to the largest terrestrial animal.

Now they've found a dog-sized dinosaur with armadillo-like armour.

Paleontologists named the newly-discovered dinosaur Jakapil kaniukura in Scientific Reports.

Jakapil kaniukura moved on two legs, had chicken-wing-like limbs, a short beak, and a neck ring.

"This dinosaur's distinctive neck armour defended a fragile area from predators," said co-author Sebastián Apestegua.

"Arm bones reveal they were little," which is unusual for thyreophorans like Jakapil kaniukura.

Thyreophorans are "armoured" dinosaurs with robust bone armour plates.

Jakapil kaniukura isn't a nightmare: Even if it weren't extinct, you'd be safe.

Jakapil kaniukura ate plants, like its thyreophora relatives stegosaurus and ankylosaurus.

Jakapil kaniukura was small for a carnivore, around retriever size (less than 5 feet).

As the paper's authors describe, the small dinosaur possesses "unique anatomical features"

It's the first thyreophoran species from Argentinian Patagonia, which is south for them.

Jakapil kaniukura walked on two legs, like humans, while other thyreophorans walked on four.

Its discovery in the southern hemisphere suggests thyreophorans were more widespread than thought.