Cadiz's LaLiga match against Barcelona was halted after a supporter had a heart attack.

image: AP/Getty

Barca won 2-0 in 82 minutes at Cadiz's Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla.

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Cadiz said he resuscitated the fan before hospitalisation. Untreated, a cameraman fainted.

A defibrillator was sent to the stands to try resuscitation.

The fan was brought to the ICU of Puerta del Mar Hospital, where he remains.

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Another cameraman fainted. The stadium's medical crew handled him quickly and easily.

Cadiz praises the spectators' good behaviour and the prompt medical and security response.

Jeremias Ledesma and Jose Mari helped a fan before leaving.

The fan is stable, according to Cadiz president Manuel Vizcaino.

"The fan is in an ambulance after regaining his pulse," he said.

"They stabilised him after he revived and fell again. Game resumes after that.