Britney Spears sends a message to Jayden and Sean Preston ahead of a new documentary.


The "Hold Me Closer" singer has returned to Facebook nearly a week after deleting her profile.


Daily Mail published a documentary excerpt featuring Britney's sons, their dad, and his wife.


Jayden said their relationship "can be fixed with time and effort"


"I've tried my best... to be held hostage by nurses and bulls—," 13-year conservatorship


She hopes her children understand. "I'll always send you love!"

"My love for my children knows no bounds, so his outcry that I wasn't a good mother saddens me.

Maybe one day we can meet and talk openly!"

Britney said, "I understand your need to live with your father; I did for 15 years."

Grammy winner spoke about her son Sean Preston's love of music and art in her message.

She wrote, "Preston...I know your gift." "You're a teacher in my life, and I'm a teacher for you!

Your dad is hypocritical because he has you talk to the media about personal matters.

Finally added: I hope you can look at yourself and remember you're my child.