Apple blocked Telegram's new animated emoji set.

Apple blocked Telegram's new animated emoji set.

Apple reportedly demanded Telegram delete 'Telemoji' from the upgrade.

Developers big and small have had their apps delayed or withdrawn since Apple introduced the App Store.

Durov said on August 10 that Apple has postponed the app's latest update for two weeks without explanation.

The upgrade was released yesterday, and Durov discussed it on Telegram.

Apple requested Telegram to remove Telemoji, which Durov describes as "higher-quality vector-animated emoji."

"This is a curious choice by Apple, as Telemoji would have improved their environment," Durov remarked.

It's unclear how this would aid Apple, since Telegram offers emoji and stickers outside iOS's default set.

Durov said Telegram will make Telemoji "much more unique and identifiable"

Telegram is developing a "open emoji platform" where anyone may post their own emoji for premium users.

Even if you're not a premium member, you can use personalised emoji in reminders and notes.

If you tap on a custom emoji, you'll see a full-screen animation.

The sticker, GIF, and emoji panel has been revamped with tabs for each category.

As a result, the iOS keyboard is compatible with Telegram's Android and web applications.

You may now choose who can send you video and voice messages: everyone, contacts, or no one.

Telegram allows you create "exceptions" so particular groups can "always" or "never" send you audio or video messages.