Angelina Jolie strolled out of a Beverly Hills office building on Wednesday wearing all black.


Her black crop top and low rise leggings showed off her abs as she went.

Credit:: Twitteer

The Oscar-winning actress wore clunky black sandals and a lambskin ICARE quilted purse with gold chains.

She wore sunglasses and gold necklaces and earrings. Her side-parted hair hung down.

Credit:: Twitteer

Jolie seems relaxed despite recent troubles, such as Brad Pitt's behaviour causing their divorce.

Using an alias, the actress requested a FOIA report. After the private aeroplane tragedy, they split in 2016.

During their heated disagreement, he allegedly informed Jolie she was "ruining the family"

Jolie filed for divorce after five years of marriage and they've been fighting for custody since 2019.

She's currently directing Without Blood by Alessandro Baricco.

In this revenge-and-forgiveness drama, Salma Hayek sees war crimes.

"These never-ending confrontations have changed how I view violence, pain, and revenge," she said.