After a "Time of Intense Crisis," "The Flash" star Ezra Miller speaks up.

After a "Time of Intense Crisis," "The Flash" star Ezra Miller speaks up.

Ezra Miller has spoken out after multiple high-profile events, saying he's getting help for "complex mental health challenges."

A representative apologised for their behaviour and claimed they're in "ongoing rehabilitation."

In spring, the actor was arrested for disorderly conduct and second-degree assault in Hawaii.

The actor was jailed twice in Hawaii in spring for disorderly conduct and violence.

Miller told The Daily Beast, "After an emotional breakdown, I realised I have mental health issues and started treatment."

"I apologise to everyone my past behaviour alarmed or upset.

I'm committed to regaining my health, safety, and productivity.

Miller allegedly choked a woman in an Icelandic pub in 2020 and harassed another woman in Berlin.

The singer was also accused of intimidating a mother and her 12-year-old child in their downstairs neighbor's home.

Police are looking for a mother and her three young children who were staying on the star's Vermont farm.

Vermont State Police accused the 29-year-old with burglary last week.

According to the statement, "many bottles of alcohol were taken while the homeowners were away."

Ezra M. Miller was accused with burglarizing an unoccupied house after a video and statement investigation.

Miller will be arraigned on the burglary accusation next month.