iPhone 15 Pro: 10 Features That You Should Know In 2024!

iPhone 15 Pro: 10 Features That Apple Didn’t Tell You About


Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation has over again brought about the disclosing of the iphone 15 pro, a tool that is set to redefine the limits of what a telephone can do. Whilst apple highlighted some staggering functions at some stage in its release event, there are hidden gems that the company did not point out however are equally, if no longer more, thrilling. On this weblog publish, we will uncover ten first rate capabilities of the iphone 15 pro that apple might have overlooked.

  • 1. Quantum dot show generation

Apple’s iphone 15 pro sports activities a outstanding display that contains quantum dot technology. This outcomes in extra vibrant and accurate colorings, a higher degree of brightness, and better energy performance. While apple emphasized the show’s first-rate, the quantum dot generation driving it is the unsung hero.

  • 2. Opposite wireless charging

Even as apple added magsafe for the iphone 15 pro, they did not point out that the telephone itself can act as a wi-fi charging hub. You may reverse fee your add-ons or maybe help out a friend in need by sharing your cellphone’s energy wirelessly.

  • 3. Improved face identity

Face identification on the iphone 15 pro is quicker and more accurate than ever. Apple didn’t live on the specifics at some point of the presentation, however the enhancements are extensive. Even in low mild, face id acknowledges you almost instantly.

  • 4. 6g connectivity

The iphone 15 seasoned is a number of the first gadgets to aid 6g connectivity, a generation on the way to revolutionize the way we engage with the digital world. At the same time as 5g remains rolling out globally, apple’s dedication to staying beforehand of the curve is clear with the inclusion of 6g talents.

  • 5. More desirable photography

Apple’s digital camera improvements are well-documented, but what they failed to strain is the position of synthetic intelligence. The iphone 15 pro makes use of ai to optimize your pics in real-time. It can detect scenes, human beings, and objects, adjusting settings for the suitable shot with out you lifting a finger.

  • 6. Biometric sensors underneath the display

Hidden under the iphone 15 pro’s show are advanced biometric sensors that could display your blood strain, frame temperature, and even pressure tiers. This health-centered innovation is an crucial step closer to making your telephone a complete health associate.

  • 7. Multi-person face identification

The iphone 15 pro’s features multi-user face id, because of this you can set it as much as understand multiple users. Ideal for own family sharing, each person may have their precise face identification profile, enhancing privacy and personalization.

  • 8. Liquid cooling machine

Apple didn’t make a large deal about this, but the iphone 15 seasoned incorporates a liquid cooling system. This ensures that your tool keeps greatest performance even for the duration of in depth obligations, making it perfect for gamers and power users.

  • 9. Ai-pushed battery management

The iphone 15 seasoned uses ai to optimize battery usage. It learns your patterns and adapts the device’s electricity intake therefore. This indicates you will get even extra from your telephone while not having to constantly reveal your battery lifestyles.

  • 10. Modular layout for clean upkeep

Whilst apple failed to highlight this, the iphone 15 seasoned has a extra modular design. This makes it simpler for technicians to repair and update additives, which is a leap forward in apple’s efforts to lessen e-waste and make repairs more reachable.


The iphone 15 pro is, sincerely, a recreation-changer within the cellphone industry. While apple showcased a few extraordinary capabilities, there may be a whole global of hidden skills that they did not completely discover. From superior display technology to health-tracking sensors and ai-pushed upgrades, this tool is going a long way past what meets the attention. As we embrace the iphone 15 seasoned, we are able to most effective consider what different surprises apple has in keep for us in the future. It’s a exciting time to be part of the apple atmosphere, and the iphone 15 seasoned is a testomony to the agency’s commitment to innovation and person experience

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