After Girls’ Night Out, Rihanna Stopped to Assist Restaurant Staff

Someone who was present on Thursday night asserts that Rihanna helped clean up after her billionaire beauty mogul friends dined at the Michelin-starred restaurant Caviar Russe in New York City. This assertion is based on the testimony of the individual who was present.

In order for the group to be able to get something to eat, they had requested that the restaurant remain open later than it typically does.

Page Six’s source claims that Rihanna and her six closest friends stayed out at the caviar bar until 2:00 in the morning, during which time they drank champagne and ate sashimi.

After Girls' Night Out, Rihanna Stopped to Assist Restaurant Staff
credit: melissa forde/instagram

This week, the singer’s close friend Melissa Forde posted some photos to her Instagram Stories that appeared to have been taken that night. The photos showed the two of them having a good time together while they were out and about, laughing and smiling.

Rihanna went out to dinner wearing a pair of lace-up pointy-toe heels, which she dressed up with a pair of baggy jeans and an oversized blue and red No Limit Records jersey.

As a result of her keeping her business open for such a long period of time, she was “seen assisting the wait staff in clearing tables and replacing bar stools.”

The musician has been in New York for the past few weeks and has made a few public appearances since the birth of her first child, a son, in May. Her long-term boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, was the father of the child.

Recent reports indicate that she and the rapper were seen walking hand in hand out of Richie Akiva’s newest members-only club, The Ned.

Rihanna was singled out for special praise for her “amazing” appearance, and an onlooker at the party reported that she and her partner gave off a vibe that could be described as “chill and definitely happy.”

On that particular date, she wore a bright green leather miniskirt and a matching silk top that revealed her black lace bra. Her attire was intended to make a strong first impression.

Her accessories consisted of a pair of sunglasses, an open-toed strappy sandal, and a chain necklace.

Source: ELLE