Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her and Ben Affleck's Wedding Day in Georgia and Posts Photos

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her and Ben Affleck’s Wedding Day in Georgia and Posts Photos

Jennifer Lopez is prepared to reveal the specifics of her marriage to Ben Affleck following three days of celebrations in Georgia.

Recently, the singer released a new edition of her newsletter, On the JLo, in which she and Affleck’s wedding was covered in great detail, including the ceremony, reception, and post-wedding brunch the following day.

This is heaven, Affleck allegedly said, and she wrote about it. There, in the centre of it. Despite the rain and a few hiccups, Lopez’s wedding speech began, “We’re in it now,” and he and the bride were sure that their big day in front of their friends and family would turn out beautifully.

“The truth is, I never had a doubt,” she wrote. I was at peace knowing that everything was in God’s hands the entire week.

In time for the ceremony, the rain stopped, and I started the slow, long descent of the stairs that would eventually become the aisle I would walk down to the rest of my life. The fact that it was happening shocked me. Thinking back, Lopez said.

She and her future husband Ben discussed the merits of Marc Cohn’s “True Companion” as the ideal wedding love song more than twenty years ago in this very home.

I asked the lovely and kind Marc to sing it at our wedding as a surprise for Ben. But the first song he played as I walked down the aisle was not “True Companion.”

His song, “The Things We’ve Handed Down,” which is about the wonderful mystery of children and something we could only speculate about when they were young, was the perfect accompaniment to my stroll.

In the twenty years since our childhood aspirations met the reality of love and family that we embraced on that special day, more have been added to our marriage.

Not only were we beginning a new family together, but we were also including these children.

We knew we could trust them to tell the truth, so we asked them to be our only witnesses. Everyone did, much to our pride and delight.

As their oldest child returned from a walk and Marc played “True Companion,” a song they had first listened to together what seemed both like yesterday and forever ago, Lopez reflected that life had come “strangely, beautifully, mysteriously, divinely full circle.”

She continued by saying that Ben had later admitted to being shocked by the song’s chords, which had made him feel how the two roads they had travelled had come together perfectly, inexorably, and inevitably.

Everything made sense when he saw me emerge at the top of the stairs, just like the best dreams, in which you fervently hope you don’t have to wake up.

I realised I had the same thoughts when I finally got close enough to see his face. If only I hadn’t been so worried about not tripping over my dress.

The same brilliant logic astonished me. In order to heal old wounds and let go of the weight of the past, this day was crucial.

According to Lopez, “the vibes are down-home, rustic country-chic,” and she promised to send out more details about the decor in upcoming emails.

She sent images of the table decorations and the reception’s fireworks, which ranged from all-white and-green to various pink hues for the rehearsal dinner.