Meghan Markle reportedly angered the royal family by talking about her job

Meghan Markle reportedly angered the royal family by talking about her job

Like many other former employees who have been hurt by an organisation, Meghan Markle is speaking up about the circumstances behind her decision to leave one of the most prestigious positions in the world, that of a working royal in the United Kingdom.

According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, the royal family, along with several of her previous employers, are upset by her public views.

Following her comments to The Cut and on her Archetypes podcast, in which she specifically detailed how she had to continue doing engagements even after her baby Archie’s nursery caught fire while she and Prince Harry were touring South Africa, the insider claimed that the royal family had “lost trust” in Meghan. The insider based this claim on Meghan’s comments to The Cut and on her podcast.

For a very long time, “never complain, never explain” has been the institution’s guiding principle, as it is known in the UK under the name The Firm.

The word from the inside is that “The royal family is upset as a result of Meghan Markle’s most recent statements, which were published in The Cut magazine and made on her podcast.

They are disturbed by the fact that she continues to discuss private family matters in public, while having distanced herself from the royal family and claiming a requirement for privacy.

In her statements, notably to The Cut, in which she went into greater depth about why she abandoned her role as duchess, including the persistent criticism from tabloids, Meghan disclosed that she did not sign anything that would limit her from speaking about her time spent as a duchess.

She continued by saying that she could make the decision to not communicate about her complete experience, but that she hasn’t done so yet because she is “still healing.” (Despite the fact that she will be leaving her top professional role in the royal family in 2020.

It is not necessary to look any further than the subject pages of The Daily Mail and The Express to determine the frequency with which Meghan Markle is covered in the British tabloids and the frequency with which she is the subject of unfavourable headlines.

Even though it has insidiously affected Meghan’s mental health, the royal family has never officially addressed the manner in which the press has handled her since she married into the family.

According to Meghan, there is hope for peace to be restored between her and the royal family, and she believes that by keeping her mouth shut, she has done them a favour in this regard.

“Forgiveness is something that I believe to be of utmost importance. She remarked that it takes a lot more work to maintain an unforgiving attitude. However, it takes a lot of effort to forgive another person. Given that I am able to express myself freely, I have made a concerted effort to express myself.