Olivia Rodrigo arrives in New York City wearing a red plaid mini skirt

Olivia Rodrigo arrives in New York City wearing a red plaid mini skirt

On Friday, Olivia Rodrigo was seen leaving the Electric Lady Studio in New York City while dressed in a retro-inspired pop punk attire reminiscent of a Y2K Avril Lavigne look.

Olivia Rodrigo had previously played with Lavigne, and it is clear that he is a fan of the style that was popular during that era.

The young woman, who was 19 years old, was wearing an embellished black cap-sleeved t-shirt underneath a bejewelled red plaid mini skirt that she wore as a layering piece over her longer than average legs.

She also carried two bags: a larger black bag on one arm and a larger white bag on the other. As an accessory, she wore a pair of black combat boots. 

Olivia Rodrigo, a stunning brunette, wore her hair in two gorgeous braids that hung over her shoulders.

After she had finished working at the legendary recording studio, she went to Zumba with her musician friend Daniel Nigro to have dinner.

Olivia Rodrigo arrives in New York City wearing a red plaid skirt.
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It was just just announced that Rodrigo and DJ Zack Bia, whom she had been seeing for a few months this year, have ended their relationship.

In February, they were first linked to one another, and a source who talked with People revealed that they “really liked each other” after hearing that they were dating.

According to E! News, another source revealed at the time that he invited her to Super Bowl parties where he was DJing that weekend, and she went to show her support for him.

They got along famously and have been spending a lot of time together recently… Olivia’s lack of pretension is something that Zack admires, and he considers her to be very grounded. They complement one another very well and work well together.

It does not appear that there were any big issues that led to the breakup of the relationship; rather, it appears that they simply had completely different schedules and ways of living.

According to a source for Life & Style, their relationship never really got off the ground. They were simply dating, but I haven’t heard from either of them in quite some time.

As a result of the fact that they both keep separate work schedules and social groups, there were no issues.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, she was questioned about her past breakups, which was prompted by the fact that Rodrigo’s popular record was strongly impacted by a breakup.

In addition, she said, “I think it’s vital to cut off any communication and forgive yourself for allowing things to happen, in addition to forgiving the person who wronged you and forgiving them.” This is something that I have found out.