Vanessa Bryant Talks “Justice” After Kobe Crash Photos Verdict

Vanessa Bryant Talks “Justice” After Kobe with daughter Gianna Crash Photos Verdict

At prevailing in her case against Los Angeles County regarding the unlawful dissemination of crash site photographs of her late husband Kobe Bryant and their daughter Gianna Bryant, Vanessa Bryant issued a statement after the conclusion of the case.

After she prevailed in her case against Los Angeles County in court, Vanessa Bryant considers that “justice” has been done.

After finding that the county’s fire and sheriff’s departments did violate the 40-year-old woman’s privacy and cause emotional distress by publishing pictures of the January 2020 helicopter crash that claimed the lives of nine people, including her late husband Kobe Bryant and their daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, a jury decided on August 24 to award the woman $16 million in damages.

Nine people perished in the incident, including her late husband Kobe Bryant and their child Gianna “Gigi” Bryant.

Vanessa Bryant Talks “Justice” After Kobe Crash Photos Verdict
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On Instagram, a short time after the verdict was announced, Vanessa commented on the successful outcome of the case. She said in the caption that she had posted with a photo of herself with Kobe and Gianna, “All for you! I love you! JUSTICE for Kobe and Gigi!”

Vanessa, who is also the mother of children Natalia, 19, Bianka, 5, and Capri, 3, brought up the fact that the verdict was handed down on what the city of Los Angeles had previously designated as “Kobe Bryant Day.” (The day was established in 2016, and its name is a reference to the two jersey numbers that Kobe Bryant wore while playing for the Lakers.)

In addition, the jury decided to pay $15 million in damages to Chris Chester, who was a co-plaintiff along with Vanessa. Chris Chester’s wife Sarah and daughter Payton, who was 13 years old at the time of the accident, perished alongside Kobe and Gianna.

During the course of the trial, both Vanessa and Chris took the stand to speak about how they felt after discovering that photographs of human remains at the crash site had been distributed among the first responders. In the case of Vanessa, she described how she fled out of the house in order to cry, expressing before the jury that she “just felt like I wanted to run down the street and scream.”

Vanessa explained that she brought her complaint against the county because she “needed answers” to the questions that the existence of the photographs raised for her. She described herself as having been “blindsided, devastated, hurt and betrayed” by the revelation that the images existed.

She said, “I live in terror every day,” and added that she never wants her children to view the photographs. “I live in fear every day.” “All you care about is keeping your children safe,” she said.

After the decision was announced, Mira Hashmall, who was the main outside attorney for L.A. County in the case, issued the following statement to E! News: “We are thankful for the effort put forward by the jury in this matter. In spite of the fact that we disagree with the jury’s findings regarding the County’s liability, we believe the monetary award demonstrates that the jurors did not believe the evidence supported the Plaintiffs’ request of $75 million for emotional distress and that this was reflected in their decision.”

Hashmall said, “Meanwhile, we pray the Bryant and Chester families continue to heal from the devastating loss of their loved ones,” in reference to the recent deaths of Bryant and Chester.

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