Jon Gruden allegedly sent "derogatory emails" as Raiders coach.

Jon Gruden allegedly sent “derogatory emails” as Raiders coach

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This week, an intriguing new piece of information emerged in regard to the legal action that former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden took against the National Football League and its commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Gruden claims that the National Football League and its commissioner carried out “a malicious and orchestrated campaign” to publicise inappropriate emails that he had sent between the years of 2010 and 2018, prior to his time as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, which ultimately resulted in his resignation.

However, according to a new complaint that was submitted by the league, Raiders coach Gruden sent derogatory emails “consistently” while he was still with the Raiders.

After finalising his contract with the Raiders in 2018, Jon Gruden is alleged to have written offensive emails, as stated in a document that was submitted to a Nevada court only last week, as reported by The Washington Post.

Even more, according to Gruden’s proposed order, “all of Gruden’s activity referred to by the NFL Parties occurred before the Agreement was signed and while Gruden was not an employee of the Raiders or the NFL,” according to the lawyers for the league.

“In point of fact, Gruden’s claim (as well as the claimed finding of fact) regarding the date of his emails is not only inaccurate but also highly contested by the NFL Parties.

Discovery, which is required before any finding of fact can be made regarding this matter, will demonstrate that Gruden continued to send the same kinds of derogatory emails consistently after the date he started working for the Raiders.”

In a statement, Gruden’s attorney, Adam Hosmer-Henner, provided a response to this new information as follows:

According to Hosmer-Henner, who was quoted in The Post, the NFL did not present these unfounded reasons in the motions that they had lost, and they will not be able to make them even if they appeal the decision.

“During the hearing, their own attorney admitted that the emails were sent before Jon Gruden signed with the Raiders, which is significant because the attorney is representing them.

It was the NFL that made efforts to conceal information from the beginning, not Jon Gruden. By criticising Jon Gruden, the NFL and Commissioner Goodell are making yet another attempt to save face, but they are continuing to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and not owning up to the reality. The Commissioner doesn’t anticipate that Jon will make any attempt to evade his deposition, does he?”

The National Football League has denied any involvement in the leaking of the emails. In May, the league submitted a motion to have the lawsuit thrown out and to have the matter resolved through arbitration. This was thrown out by the judge, Nancy Allf, giving Gruden the victory.