Brett Favre feels the 49ers are wrong to pick Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo

Brett Favre feels the 49ers are wrong to pick Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo

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Brett Favre is possibly the only quarterback in the history of the NFL who can empathise with what Jimmy Garoppolo is going through at the moment. Favre has been in similar situations.

As things stand right now, Brett Favre, a former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, believes that the San Francisco 49ers are making a mistake by starting Trey Lance at quarterback this season. Favre has been following the situation surrounding the 49ers from a distance.

Brett Favre feels the 49ers are wrong to pick Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo.
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During a recent interview with, Favre expressed his opinion that the team should select Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback. “He is not even close to being as flashy as she is. He was not selected by them in the first round. And I mean no disrespect to Trey Lance when I say this, but what Jimmy has done is win, win, win, and win again.

Not ostentatious. So, this isn’t the most exciting pick, but the fact that the guy has won and put the 49ers in a position to compete for the Super Bowl year after year is more than enough to justify allowing him to remain playing for the team.”

Since Favre does not believe that Lance will definitely turn out to be a bust, he plans to let Garoppolo finish out the remaining time on his deal.

Favre was quoted as saying, “There is no question in my mind that Trey has a big upside.” “However, [Garoppolo] has already demonstrated his ability to win. And there is something that, most of the time, is overlooked: is the guy a winner? Additionally, Jimmy Garoppolo is unquestionably a victor.”

It’s possible that Favre has some understanding and compassion for what Garoppolo is going through. The number of starting quarterbacks who have been fired after guiding their team to the conference championship game is small, but both Brett Favre and Jimmy Garoppolo are on the list of those who have done so. There are some striking parallels between their circumstances, despite the fact that they are not identical in every respect.

The 2007 NFC Championship was Brett Favre’s final game with the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were defeated by the New York Giants 23-20 in that game. After Brett Favre announced that he was going to retire two months after that game, the Packers made the choice to move on to Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback.

Favre made the decision that he wanted to play right before training camp, but the Packers had already determined that they did not want any part of him at that point, so they traded him to the Jets.

The last time we saw Garoppolo play was in the 2021 National Football Conference Championship game, which the 49ers played in but ultimately lost to the Rams by a score of 20-17.

The San Francisco 49ers made the decision throughout the offseason that they were going to move forward with Lance as their main quarterback. Because of this decision, the door is now open for the 49ers to trade or release Garoppolo at some point before the new season begins.

One further thing that they have in common is that either one of them could end up playing quarterback for a team that is in a different division. After playing for the Jets for just one year, Brett Favre moved on to the Vikings in 2009 and guided them all the way to the NFC Championship Game.

It is possible that Garoppolo will end up playing quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, who would be a much more formidable opponent with him at the helm.