Taylor Swift’s short film ‘All Too Well’ earns her first Oscar nomination

The Hollywood Reporter says All Too Well: The Short Film might be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Live Action Short category next year.

The 32-year-old is reportedly working with a “leading consulting firm to guide [the project’s] awards campaign.”

Taylor Swift's short film 'All Too Well' earns her first Oscar nomination.

Well-known: The Short Film debuted online and at AMC Lincoln Square on Nov. 12.

Swift’s film is disqualified for the Best Picture Oscar category since it was released too early, says THR.

Swift’s directing debut is eligible for best live-action short from October 1, 2021, until September 30, 2021.

PEOPLE’s request for comment from the Oscars was not immediately answered.

Swift created and filmed the 13-minute video for the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” on Red (Taylor’s Version). Swift’s 2012 album Red included the song.

Swift attended a private fan screening in November, hours before the short film emerged on YouTube, where she encouraged attendees (who were given tissues) to “experience your feelings”

Taylor Swift’s 10-Minute ‘All Too Well’ Version Was Worth the Wait: Lyrics dissected
Swift performed “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” after the screening.

“This is a song that wouldn’t be exceptional in every setlist I perform, in every list where someone says, ‘These are her finest songs’ — that was all because of you,” Swift told fans.

“This wasn’t a single. There’s no video. This song was originally album track 5

You transformed it. My favourite music inspired it “continuing

“It was personal. Live performance was difficult. This song is about us and you, honestly.”

Swift discussed re-recording her albums during the fan event.

Swift: “You empowered and emboldened me to re-release these albums.”

“You guys were fantastic during a tough time for me. You made a difficult thing great.

Here’s my version of the Red re-release. You made this happen.”

According to folklore, “All Too Well” was inspired by a tragic breakup Swift experienced over a decade ago. Thanks to its vivid, cinematic storytelling, it has become a fan-favorite and one of Swift’s most acclaimed songs.

In All Too Well: The Short Film, Sink plays a young Swift and O’Brien plays her ex-lover, whom Swifties assume is Jake Gyllenhaal. Sink is 19 and O’Brien is 30; Swift was 20 and Gyllenhaal was 29 when they dated; age difference is a topic in “All Too Well.”)

The film replicates song memories and adds conversation to contextualise the lyrics. The pair kisses in the woods and listens to music beside a lake on an upstate getaway.

He preserved a scarf from one of their first meetings. There’s kitchen dancing and card games by the fire.

We observe the relationship’s lows. The main lady and her ex get into a heated dispute after he drops her hand during a meal with her pals. He gaslights her, calling the scenario foolish and her reaction silly and selfish. Later, she celebrates her 21st birthday with friends but no boyfriend.

Taylor Swift Re-Release Red: Best Vault Lyrics
13 years later, the heroine (now grown and successful, played by Swift) promotes a new book at a reading while her ex observes via a window, still wearing her old scarf.

Source: People