You are currently viewing Ring’s nation plans to feature viral funny videos of ring doorbell from MGM

Ring’s nation plans to feature viral funny videos of ring doorbell from MGM

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Wanda Sykes’ new series, which incorporates footage captured by Ring doorbells, is on the verge of being picked up for widespread distribution.

The name “Ring Nation” may conjure images of a dystopic society where an all-powerful multinational corporation conducts warrantless monitoring of its citizens.

MGM, now owned by Amazon, produces the clip programme Ring Nation, presented by comedian Wanda Sykes and showcasing dancing delivery workers and cute dogs.

On September 26, the series will premiere, and it will focus on popular footage that individuals have shared via their video doorbells and smart home cameras.

It’s the small screen’s version of a trending web series format.

The popularity of viral films recorded by doorbell cameras has been on the rise for some time.

Millions of TikTok users have posted them to their For You page, and they’ve been featured on late-night talk programmes and the r/CaughtOnRing forum.

Clips of people helping one another out, marriage proposals, military reunions, and funny animals will all be included in the series.

Amazon’s media outlets have apparently seen an opening to cash in and improve Ring’s reputation, so they’ve launched a sponsored competitor.

In the past, inventor and founder Jamie Siminoff has participated on Shark Tank as a contestant, but now that he has sold his company to a major technology firm, he is returning as a Guest Shark.

The extent to which Ring broadcasts its users’ moments to other viewers has been a source of contention.

The surveillance firm has confessed to providing authorities with access to Ring recordings without user authorization for “emergency” requests.

Ring Nation brings every day’s must-see viral moments from throughout the country, including the astonishing, the amusing, and the inspirational.

“Ring Nation provides friends and family an exciting new way to enjoy time together,” said Jamie Siminoff, “and bringing the new community together is key to our aim at Ring.”

Big Fish, the company that made Ring Nation, is also behind Live PD, the police ride-along series that was halted in the wake of demonstrations following the death of George Floyd but has now returned.