Fourteen people were killed in a shooting at a pub in Soweto, South Africa

Authorities in the South African township of Soweto reported on Sunday that at least 14 people were murdered and nine others were injured in a shooting at a pub.

Shortly after midnight, a gang of males armed with rifles and 9-millimeter pistols entered the pub in the Nomzamo informal community outside Johannesburg and began firing “randomly” at the patrons, according to a statement released by the Gauteng Police.

Police claimed 23 individuals were shot in the institution—12 died at the spot and 11 were transported to a local hospital with injuries. At the medical center, two more deaths were confirmed.

According to the statement, police have begun investigations into 14 homicides and 9 attempted homicides.

Authorities in South Africa say four people are currently in serious condition following a tragic incident at a pub.

According to reports, four victims of the South African bar tragedy are still in severe condition.

“It’s a horrible scene. When you look at the pile of dead, you realize that everyone in there was trying to escape the bar. “The comments to ENCA, a South African news outlet, were made by Elias Mawela, the commissioner of police in Gauteng.

Mawela said the police are still to discover the reasons why the folks at the tavern were targeted.

I am certain that we will solve this issue with the help of the local people, Mawela said.

Witnesses were asked to come forward when police said that the suspects were still at large.

Four more individuals were slain in a separate shooting incident in a pub in Sweetwaters in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday evening, police confirmed Sunday.

The Provincial Commissioner of KwaZulu-Natal, Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, claimed in a statement that at least 12 people were shot when two individuals entered the pub and “randomly started fire.” A manhunt was underway, and police stated the culprits were still at large, just as they had been after the Soweto shooting.

The dual shootings come as the country still mourns the murders of 22 young people—some of them as young as 13—who died in as of yet unknown circumstances at a pub in East London last month.